“Brazilians are very nationalistic. They feel a deep attachment to their homeland; at the same time, they’re very self-critical. They have a great deal of difficulty assimilating in other countries. They’re are not happy anywhere else. Brazil’s rich human resources, on the other hand, are a result of its own considerable powers of assimilation. They have enabled the country to absorb successive waves of immigrants successfully, without major upheavals and without the discrimination typically found elsewhere. Poles, Italians, Germans, “Turcos”, descendants of African slaves. It’s a very joyful, very easygoing culture, but in the past these qualities have always prevented it from surpassing itself, and they continue to make progress difficult today. That’s why Brazil is both fascinating and irritating.”

Do livro Shift – Inside Nissan’s Historic Revival, de Carlos Ghosn e Philippe Riès (Editora Currency Doubleday).